Welcome to 2016! Another year has passed, and it has been nothing but marvelous. As per my last post in 2015, the past year has brought on a lot of ups and downs but overall I'm grateful and eternally thankful for all the lessons learned, fun times had and amazing experiences taken in.

2015 is officially over and done - we're out of the woods y'all and ready for something major! The new year is now upon us and I'm super excited for what 2016 is to bring. I can feel that something amazing will happen this year and I can't wait! Speaking of out of the woods, Taylor Swift has just released her music video for her song Out of the Woods and it is a visual feast. The song is one of my absolute favorites from her latest album 1989 as the message is so empowering and uplifting. To me it's a song of hope - be it about losing someone or losing one's self through the downs of life's journey. At the end of it, there's that hope that you will rise up from all of this and be a better person coming out of it.

"She lost him. But she found herself and somehow THAT WAS EVERYTHING."

A powerful message to share at the beginning of the New Year. Happy New Year everyone!