Ever feel like you've been in the city for far too long and you just want to escape? That's exactly how I feel right about now. Ok to be fair, it's not about escaping the city per se - I am and will always be a city girl. Can't live without the comforts of city living. Rather it's about going to places where I would much rather be at the moment. With fashion week in full swing and in the final runs in glamorous Paris - there is no other place I would much rather be than there right now.

Call it the ever elusive dream that fashionistas world over fantasise and lust about - being in the fashion urban jungles, mingling and revelling with fashion animals of all sorts. Trying to out peacock each other or flock with those who have the same aesthetic as you. It's that vibe and energy of living in the edge of sorts. Intoxicating and addicting - at least for the likes of me. 

What brought upon this sense of longing? Blame it on the multitude of photos barraging my Instagram feed at the moment. The buzz and excitement of Paris fashion week is far too difficult to ignore even from the little island of Singapore. What's worse - the nostalgia of New York, London and Milan fashion week is still in full swing, amongst the lucky few who have been able to exert their presence in these hallowed events. Ay caramba! The torture! Couple that with the fact that I am virtually unable to travel for the next 2 months due to the prerequisite document renewal and voila - you've got a full blown cray fest going on! 


For now, I will have to satiate myself with 1the allure of travel some time soon - lest I unleash my claws on an unsuspecting bystander. Allow myself then to mourn in androgynous black - surrounded by concrete and asian bamboo; a fitting gilded cage in the city of my choosing at the very least. Make sense of that however you wish.

Maybe a little shopping spree will help tide me over? Hmm...emotional shopping - how dangerous! I am living on the edge after all (lol!).


SHOPPING NOTE: For the sunglasses and bracelet, click on the items in the outfit credits below to purchase the exact ones!

OUTFIT 1 (worn throughout): Dior Sunglasses, Calvin Klein Silk Shirt, 3.1 Phillip Lim Cuffed Shorts, Isabel Marant Glitter Socks, Saint Laurent Boots & Leather Bracelet, Marc by Marc Jacobs Bangle.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Bobby Sangalang; STYLING: Aela Abalos