Every now and then we are gifted with a unique take on this world. WHO IS FANCY is just that - a musician-songwriter with a unique tone and outstanding musical point of view. An artist in his own right, who wants to be known for his artistry before people get all trippy on his persona.  His work champions causes such as gender identity and body positivity with a differentiated tonal point of view in the cluttered world of pop music.

He recently released the song BOYS LIKE YOU collaborating with pop powerhouses Meghan Trainor & Ariana Grande. The song follows the same boppy vibe Trainor is well-known for and recently Charlie Puth, which in itself is refreshing to hear with the slew of dance pop music in our airwaves of late. It has a very chill vibe, which you can simply sway to. Over and above that, I just love the message the song's lyrics tackles: one's proclamation of adoration for a special boy (regardless of your gender of course).

I'm in the deep end, cannonball jump
Thinkin' of your love
And my heart beats like a drum
Not feeling guilty
'cause the water's just right
Ohhh, it might be wrong, might be the time of your life

So jump on in with me
Let me set you free
I'll make you feel like you're dreaming

Try try try
To follow the rules
I break everyone of them with boys like you
My oh my, doing what I always do
Yeah I'm crossing every line to get to boys like you

Sounds familiar? I know it does to me (LOL)! Think we have a sleeper hit in the making here. Definitely got one fan here and for sure will have this song on loop for a while.

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