A collection that's commercial. Sounds common for something supposedly luxurious. In my humble opinion, I think not. On the contrary, Christian Dior's  Fall-Winter 2015 Ready to Wear collection is anything but common. Luxury is at the core of what Raf Simons did for the upcoming season, but he toyed with the idea of clothes that are wearable. That in itself is sinister as typically runway collections are too avant garde that they're best left appreciated in the catwalks.

To further the idea of sinisterness, I love this whole 180 degree shift from the usual light and spellbinding codes of the house - away from the garden and floral references - to something more "liberated, darker and more sexual," quoting Simons. It's a unique take on femininity woven with subtle nuances of masculinity that pushes French fashion into something animalistic, raw and even futuristic. Some of the interesting trend ideas I personally picked up and think would make powerful statements next season revolved around:

  1. MASCULINE TAILORING - who doesn't love a power blazer or coat? I must say the ones paired with structured and fitted culottes screamed military woman girl power and I am dying for them!
  2. COLOR POP - color during fall? Why not?! Fall colours are one of the most stunning things nature has to offer and I must say seeing bright pops during the cold dreary days of winter is definitely something that will transport you to envision the warm spring or summer sun.
  3. HARD SOFTNESS - this is a divine pairing and I love the renditions of this in the runway with structured tailored shirts paired with flowing deconstructed skirts. It takes one with an immaculate frame to carry this styling well as otherwise you can look quite drab with the combination.

A collection worth considering if you ask me. There are pieces here that would transcend time, enriching wardrobes for seasons to come. Personally my beady lusty fashion eyes are zoning in on some of these pieces. I just love the idea of the collection's dark richness yet somehow it still stays true to the codes of the famed house. Empowering to a whole new level!

VIDEO from Christian Dior; PHOTOS from VOGUE.CO.UK