Alessandro Michele - Gucci's rising star and so to speak savior - is getting rave reviews and was recently announced by the British Fashion Award body as 2015's Best International Designer. This despite the fact that he has been on the job for a little under 10 months now. That in itself is a feat and if industry reports are to be believed, Michele's unique design point of view is not only making waves from the purist sense of fashion but business-wise as well. In this day and age where consumers reward innovation and risk-taking, the dynamic duo of Michele and Bizzarri are to be lauded.

Alas, for us lowly fans who clamor for a piece of Gucci's new design history this upcoming holiday sale season will be disappointed. Michele's breakthrough collection won't be going on sale anytime soon with organic sales apparently flying off the roof without the need for any promotions (as reported by Business of Fashion). Further to this - and more so amazing - would be the fact that the new designs are appealing to the brand's current clientele whilst expanding to a new client base (myself included).

Kudos to this amazing feat! To celebrate, I wanted to share some of the pieces from Michele's debut Fall-Winter 2015 collection, which if you're lucky enough should already have or manically grab it when spotted in stores. After all, it is a piece of design history in the making.

What's not to love eh? Simply gorgeous and mouth-watering pieces!

It's fashion heaven. It's art on earth. It's just plain divinity.