It's a little known fact that Thakoon - a once associate features editor for Harper's Bazaar US - built his now thriving fashion business with the ideology of feminine designs brought to life with simple lines crafted through deceptively complex construction. He has been quoted to say that his work is pretty much like a peony - with pieces that "sort of open up like that." And well, Singapore was more than delighted to have been able to witness up close this unique design philosophy during Singapore Fashion Week

The Fall-Winter collection he shared definitely evokes this thinking - with pieces that have impeccably clean and tailored lines yet with enough complexity that will for sure keep you warm all throughout winter. The colours were well thought of, injecting the necessary spark to an otherwise dreary season.

I fell in love with the prints, patterns & textures on top of the well-constructed pieces that are definitely worthy of major layering. I can already imagine layering stalwarts - the likes of Margaret Zhang - eating up this collection. Personally if I were in cooler climates, I'd be jumping up and down way beyond what I'm doing at the moment (insert: image of me giddily bouncing as I do my write up on this fantabulous showcase). 

It is no wonder he's garnering the fame that he has, over and above the recognition that propelled his career through say appearing on the Vogue September Issue film or via being sartorially championed by the likes of Michelle Obama and Sarah Jessica Parker. It's a collection from a sheer design genius! What more is there to say?

Now if only I can be in a cooler climate...