Valentine's day is fast approaching and the season of gift giving for a beloved is soon upon us. The classic go-to gifts of flowers & chocolates and for the select lucky few - jewels - are surefire hits but with the myriad of options available out there, what is the possibility of you having the exact same gift as the next? Well nowadays I say high. I've been scouting around for some interestingly unique options to share and found 2 options to choose from - Janice Wong and Hearts on Fire. Creativity & imagination will be key and with a bit of patience, I'm sure your beloved will be singing "Crazy in Love" to the tune of the latest Beyonce Fifty Shades remix.


If sweets are your thing, betcha by golly wow you'll have to give Janice Wong's sweets art a go. She has a curation of scrumptiously artistic bon bons, chocolate balloons, eclairs and lollipops that are delectably sinful and to die for! My favourite will have to be the Chocolate Paint - available in a myriad of colours and flavours. Get creative and make your sweetie anything your imagination will let you. A chocolate cupcake drizzled in sweet Natural Orange flavoured chocolate or better yet serve a sinful Passion Fruit Chocolate waffle for breakfast? Or if late night spicing up is something you guys are into then a nice surprise of chocolate body art will do the trick - Fifty Shades of Sweet!


Diamonds are definitely a girl's best friend and whoever said giving a diamond ring to a girl is simply reserved for engagements is delusional. Notice how your girl loves accessories? Well those accessories need company in the guise of diamond bling! Diamonds are so timeless that they work well with a wide range of accessories. Glam it up so to speak.

Why not get her that gorgeous Aerial Double Ring in yellow gold? It's the perfect accompaniment to offset the butchy Maison Margiela Knuckle Rings she wears. Alternatively the Aerial Stackable Bands would be the perfect partner to balance strong statement pieces such as the Fallon Spiked Ring worn with a Saint Laurent Leather Bangle on top of the Illa Constellation Drop Necklace. Fine maybe it's a bit much -  then consider the Copley Double Diamond Heart Ring on it's own and maybe you'll earn a ton of brownie points enough to last you till your next anniversary!