Who doesn't love a good catchy beat playing non-stop right? Especially one that you can just listen to while running on the treadmill or as you walk around town doing errands or even while working away. It's but human nature to get hooked on something and listen to it non-stop. I personally have had those few choice songs that I'll have on loop on my iPod to the point that I would be playing it for months (yes months!) till it hits beyond 5000 plays. Insanity? Maybe. Addiction - hell yes!

Little known fact about me - my internal gauge if a song is actually good - is when I listen to a new song, it's something I would intuitively belt out to or belt & grind to (and if you're wondering, they're 2 different things). As such, Hilary Duff's latest song - SPARKS - seems to bring the latter out in me. I actually can't stop listening to it; with it's rhythmic beats, incessant whistling in the chorus that plays in your head on and on and, well suggestive lyrics, we've got a winner.

Now, this is a comeback. Thank the gods for Bloodshy (of Britney Spears' Toxic fame) and Tove Lo, we've got a strong contender for a 2015 summer anthem! I'll leave this here for you to listen and enjoy. As for me, I'm letting this song play on loop to "spark" ideas for an upcoming editorial I'm planning to shoot! Happy Tuesday folks!

Aela AbalosMusic