With fashion week now over and the hordes of shows to be watched at the wee hours of Singapore time now behind me, it's time to filter through and write about those that have excited me. Saint Laurent Paris shows (both Menswear and Ready to Wear) are almost always on the top of my list and this season, Hedi does not disappoint.

Despite the change in season, we've seen Hedi weave a consistent musical fashion magic to the pieces he churns out show after show. His influences are quite obviously rooted to music - shifting from various its varied forms - and it's this formula that has worked for him since he took the helm back in 2012 - successfully skyrocketing the business I might add to an astronomical doubling of sorts.

I must admit I was one who hated his initial presentation but then given the chance actually fell in love and have since then been an avid fan. What's more I appreciate the way Saint Laurent Paris has pioneered AGENDER looks - blurring the lines of male and female pieces but rather focusing on how clothes are styled and what suits you regardless. This I must say is something I am a staunch supporter of. Enough with the philosophy and let's get on with the nitty gritty. This season both menswear and ready to wear collections are well presented and styled that there is definitely a piece or two or more for everyone.  The themes that stood out for me are:

ROCK & ROLL BABYDOLL - irreverence never looked so cute. Think babydoll cut dresses made to evoke cutting-edge fierceness. Perfect way to drive up heat during the brisk fall weather or cutting iciness of winter.

MILITARY REBELcan you blame it if military brats want to take a stab at commanding style respect? Forget the mundaneness and commonality of military uniforms - it's all about splicing in your very own personality either with simple & staple accoutrements of black and white or stand out patterned pieces. I'm personally loving the comeback of the Saint Laurent stars on the runway this season!

A SPLASH OF COAT - wearing a fur coat is not enough of a statement. You need color or pattern and a ton of it - stat! Now that's an impact making statement. I'm sure you can be spotted a mile away or maybe even from Google maps from these attention grabbing pieces.

SHOW IT OFF - Nothing screams luxury other than showing off some skin in the coldest months of the year. I must say there were a lot of body baring pieces in the fall-winter shows - which personally baffled me - but I must say the ones from this show are simply divine. I have my beady eyes on the polka-dotted number. Well at least I live in a tropical country where letting the skin breath a bit is actually more practical; as such I might as well do it with luxury and style.

That's it folks! Moving forward, I will be churning out more of these and will pinpoint the best shows - in my humble opinion - followed with a cache of top trends I'm seeing make a come back. Watch out this space for more!!

VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY from Saint Laurent Paris