Fashion week being a fledgling in Singapore was a perfect opportunity to showcase collections from upcoming stars in the fashion industry. And I have to say, with an industry saturated with talent there's no shortage. In comes Australian designer Dion Lee and Dzojchen from Singaporean designer Chelsea Scott-Blackball. The design concept of duality binds them - expressed in their own respective tenets of course - but this is something (if you follow me regularly) I am a huge fan of.

Dion Lee is first up. Having been to his Fashion Talks series with Miroslava Duma in the morning and obviously crushing on him as per my previous post, I was already highly anticipating the collection showcase and it did not disappoint. Leaving my bias aside, I must say each piece did evoke a sense of duality - plain yet intricate; structural yet flowing. It was unbelievable to see how the designs seemed simple & easy yet up close had been painstakingly created with details that are to die for. What made me fall in love even more is that the pieces were highly androgynous and as such appealed to my fashion sensibilities. I'm aghast that we haven't heard more from this amazing talent and I wouldn't be surprised if he takes the fashion world soon, if not later. I would root for him to spread his wings by taking on one of the bigger labels on top of his own given the chance.

Dzojchen's (pronounced doh-jen) collection has become an instant fave of mine. I've been berating myself by not exploring more of the local fashion scene here given how forward and well-thought of the pieces are. I'm even more surprised that the label hasn't made waves outside the hallowed walls of Singapore considering the extensive collection available for men and women with designs that are extremely palatable. Moreover considering how the pieces - regardless of gender collection - could be worn by men or women.  In addition, I'm in love with the small details in Chelsea's designs, which make for clothes that are rich in modern-day detail yet evidently timeless. Definitely hunting pieces from this designer sooner rather than later - so don't be surprised if you find me in threads from Dzojchen's collection. Pure simple and unadulterated love.