Dior taps into the mystery & intrigue that is Rihanna for their latest campaign. I must say this is a departure from the typical Dior campaigns we've seen featuring megastars such as Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lawrence or even Marion Cotillard but it is a welcome departure. It brings a sense of youthfulness to the brand, which Raf Simons is now heading on top of the electric and eclectic vibrancy Rihanna brings to the table.

Steven Klein directs this high-fashion couture featurette, prominently featuring Riri's inevitable mystery and intrigue; over and above the gorgeous clothes and accessories from Dior. It's a modern day take on Dior's concept of the Secret Garden. One thing's for sure though, watching this video is making me lust after shooting in the dark on my own and who knows maybe I'll get to do it someday ;)