Playful Bliss

It's one of those days when my mind is constantly racing through hordes of work-related concerns and I just want to have a break and - as childish as this will sound - just goof around. Well given that goofing around isn't exactly an option at the moment, I'll let my sartorial choices play for me. 

Whoever said office attires need to be dull and boring has to still live in the heyday of a long forgotten century. It's time to get with the program and update office wardrobes with enough playful bliss so you can get through a tough day with a smile on your face knowing full well that you looked pretty spanking amazing.

OUTFIT 1: Emporio Armani Hat (worn throughout), Sandro Shirt, Zara Tuxedo Blazer, Dries Van Noten Culottes, Isabel Marant Sneaker Wedge (worn throughout), Hermes Cuff (worn throughout), Charriol Ring (worn throughout).

OUTFIT 2: Emporio Armani Tee, Calvin Klein Blazer, Calvin Klein Pants, Saint Laurent Paris Tuxedo Belt.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Creative Brew; STYLING: Aela Abalos