Living in Singapore for over 7 years now, one couldn't help but roam around and discover the little gems this quaint urban country has to offer. More than a few months back, we were at Amara Sanctuary at Sentosa and I was really enamoured by the beauty of the place - an amazing combination of natural beauty sprinkled with modern conveniences. I just lapped it all up. The resort had a certain British elegance spruced up with Japanese aesthetic - a specific je ne sais quoi that I just adored!

There was a quaint colonial charm mostly driven by the heritage of British design spruced up with minimalist Japanese-inspired elements - giving it the rustic feel of a true resort; obviously modernised with the convenience and prestige that Singapore offers. There was a real sense of modern luxury. The fusion of nature and modernity brought to life.

I thought it was the perfect setting to do a shoot and what better way than to celebrate the uniqueness of the resort than with an outfit-pairing inspired by the locale. I had fun dressing up this floral long-sleeved shirt from Gucci's collaboration with Chris Knight with structured culottes from Calvin Klein. Accessorised with Gucci's Bamboo backpack and Silver Horsebit brogues. I personally thought the combination brought a wonderful fusion of elements: Japanese aesthetic with clean cut colonial-inspired lines. Pretty much mirroring the breathtaking surroundings I had that day!

OUTFIT 1: Gucci Shirt, Bamboo Backpack, Horsebit Loafers, Calvin Klein Culottes, Hermes Bangle.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Bobby Sangalang; STYLING: Aela Abalos