I am back. It has been ages since I last updated and well, I thought the perfect time to write again would be as I unveil the new look of TASE. TA-DA!

Months have passed and I could honestly bore you with the long list of excuses for not posting but I'll spare you all the lurid details. I did a shoot with my dear friend Bobby months back and you will be exposed to a barrage of backlog photos. Granted the outfits I will be posting will come from recently concluded seasons, I take inspiration from the immortal words of legendary stylist and ex-Vogue fashion editor Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele - "Style don't have season. Nothing is démodé when it's great pieces." There are no truer words.

The pace of fashion today has boomed exponentially with designers churning out 6 collections a year - some even more. Designers themselves are feeling the burn - with Raf Simons' unexpected departure from Dior and Alex Wang moving from Balenciaga to focus on his label. And that's just luxury fashion. Put on top of that the frenetic speed of "fast fashion" and you have an epidemic on your hands - to which most of us are victims; myself included.


It's honestly not hard to get into the motions of buying what's new. That mad rush you feel when you purchase the latest and most sought after pieces season after season - it's a full blown addiction. Take the recently released Balmain x H&M collection as an example - it was devoured in a matter of hours by an onslaught of fashion addicts with a good percentage for sure already clamouring for the next big collaboration. And I can't blame them, that adrenaline rush is just exhilarating. I realised though that the short term adrenaline rush is just that - short. And it won't take long till you're after the next "big" thing. This "rush" slowly dampens creativity and your own personal sense of style - until you don't notice it anymore. And your style will be defined by new pieces season after season rather than being defined by you.

Creativity and style isn't about just the latest IT seasonal piece. It's more about buying pieces that 1) reflect you, 2) works well with your existing wardrobe pieces and 3) are timeless as YOU define it. Rules I intend to abide moving forward and well I impart with anyone reading this post. I hope this is something you will all join me in - as I unravel and reveal my own sense of style with the hopes of inspiring some of you to do the same.

It won't be an easy journey - especially for someone like myself who's a self-confessed shopaholic. I'm not going to be a hypocrite and go to the extreme of not jumping on the bandwagon of fashion season after season - but it's really more about tapering down and abiding by my rules; not the rules dictated by consumerism season after season. That for me is my new look.

OUTFIT 1: Louis Vuitton Shirt, Isabel Marant Shorts, Topman Hat, Hermes Sandals, Gucci Bamboo Backpack.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Bobby Sangalang; STYLING: Aela Abalos