The heyday of buying an expensive branded perfume just because it screamed the idea of personal, exclusivity and luxury is long gone. Nowadays, finding a scent personal to you has become increasingly more and more difficult. In spite the myriad of options available, typically the best of the best are bought in bucket loads - unfortunately not by a select few albeit by the mass majority. As such, it has become near impossible to avoid situations where you don't share a scent with someone you're sitting with - be it in the office, a bar or even a weekend out. And to some of us, this may prove to be an infuriating circumstance. The price of progress has been at the cost of exclusivity and as such the idea of luxury becomes an even more elusive dream. 

This is where fragrance mixing steps in - a counterculture of sorts for "massified" scents where the idea of mixing several fragrances to create your very own trumps the idea of pre-mixed options pushed out by brands or individuals that evoke their very own "personal" perfume philosophies. As such fragrance mixing powerhouse Jo Malone steps in. 

Jo Malone Fragrance Combining Masterclass Singapore - Chris Wyatt

A couple of weeks back, I had the privilege of being invited to attend their very own Fragrance Combining Masterclass held at one of their boutiques in Singapore located at the Takashimaya Shopping Centre. Chris Wyatt - the brand's Global Fragrance Ambassador was in attendance and we had the honour of being exposed to the philosophy behind Jo Malone fragrances. Well listening in to what Chris had to say, it seemed like there is "hope for the flowers" (pun intended)!

Jo Malone's philosophy revolves around the art of combining either a signature scent (or a layering of multiple ones to create your own personal fragrance symphony) that work well with your skin. Simple as that may sound, what was exhilarating for me was to hear how Chris described the art behind personalising a scent. It could be as simple as latching on to an emotion you have or want to evoke - a scent for a happy & light weekend perhaps? Or an aromatic elixir for a seductive night out? Maybe it's a memory that you have - dreaming of the salty breeze of the beaches in Bali or better yet that afternoon drive through the lavender farms in Provence. The possibilities are seriously endless! Latching on to something personal and unique to you and recreating that feeling or memory makes the scent you pick (and mix) truly your own.

 I just drank in that philosophy like a drug. I loved the idea of it all - the romanticism. Well that and the exclusive luxury of using different products to create your own personalised scent, moreover generate fragrance longevity. It's a simple 3-step system of rinse - lather - spritz.

Rinse with a delectable wash

Lather in a luxurious lotion

Spritz in a veil of fragrance

Just make sure the scent of the products either are same or combine well - that way you make your very own personalised perfume cocktail!

You can just imagine my own glee post the masterclass. Me and my dearest friend Caryn - let loose inside a boutique stocked with an exorbitant amount of perfume options. It was like kids gone wild in Willy Wonka's factory!

  • Access to a perfume vault = check!
  • Complimentary hand massages = check!
  • Senses throughly indulged - check!

What more can we ask for - well maybe our very own Jo Malone boutique in our boudoirs?! Lol!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Anthony Abalos & Caryn Koh