It has been a few days or so since Italian fashion powerhouse Gucci announced Alessandro Michele as it's new Creative Director - taking the reins from Frida Giannini. And since then, the hype has been hot and wild! The announcement sparked interest dare I say much like Ghesquire's Louis Vuitton move or even Galliano's Margiela stint; brought about by a creative resurgence in the collection Michele envisioned for FW Menswear 2015.

When I first heard that Giannini left Gucci a few weeks (or less than a week even!) before their Menswear show in Milan, I was dumfounded. Why in the world would anyone in their right minds do something as risky as that?! It's unheard of! But I guess with a business that's been stagnant or even in a state of decline, it was a necessary and calculated risk. News is news after all and everyone waited with bated breath what Gucci had in store.

I've been religiously following the FW15 Menswear collections and I have to say the other shows prior were as expected - typical menswear with "surprise" innovations driven by print & textures. I've already surrendered to the thought that as per usual, menswear this season would be a barrage of sameness collection after collection and I would have to get my kick from the Ready to Wear collections coming in a few weeks later. Well, that was until Gucci came in with it's surprise kick!

The team, then led by Michele, dreamed a collection that broke barriers; sparked interest; fanned flames of lust amongst fashion enthusiasts - myself included. It was a collection made for the androgynous - thought-provoking and barrier breaking! To think a few days prior I just wrote about my own style canon of fashion androgyny. I loved almost every piece from the show - from shirts plagiarised with pussy bows and sheer lace layered with heavy military coats - it was a show from the fashion heavens! Finally - a menswear collection that tore down walls and spawned pieces that spoke to fashionistas, gender biases aside. PERIOD.

One thing's for sure. For the first time in a really long time, I'm lusting after pieces from a menswear collection. And you bet your horses that I'll be first to queue up for them; breaking bank. 

Time will tell if this breakthrough from Gucci will last or even if this is the new direction the brand will take. It could only be a ploy to reignite love from hardcore fashion fans. But one can hope. My two cents worth of opinion on this? Michele's first collection has definitely given me a fashion boner. Will it last - who knows. For now, I'm screaming: fantabulous all the way!