Gucci is officially staging a fashion comeback. With the strong showing behind Michele's recent FW2015 collections and the maniacal uproar over the shows, the brand has reinvigorated life into its stagnating fashion pool. It seems this injection of fresh & new vibrant life is transcending to Giannini's final collection for Gucci


Giannini's swan song collection has been treated with such a fresh take to the point of irreverence that creates a salivating appeal. Gone are the sex-infused campaigns dramatised with the "polished rebel," - new at the age of Ford - which in my opinion Givenchy has already taken over with a newer and fresher take on things). Instead we are treated with the "classy boheme" playing the sensuality cards with subtleness yet evocative enough that generates appeal & fanatical lust.

Life becomes the focus - music, travel, the night life - this generation's idea of luxe. Sprinkled of course with pieces from the collection portrayed with such mystique that it makes you want them more and more. Subtle glimpses of python via the boots. To die for embroidered military jackets paired with the nonchalance of denim. Or even the lasciviousness of the Lady Web Bag with it's now more than ever 70s glamour. The gorgeousness is just too much to bear - I'm ready to break bank (or well maybe wait for the Fall-Winter collection to do that...or hell maybe I'll grab these instead...or...or...aaaaaaaah!)