I am very picky when it comes to my fitness regimen. Routine is something I am not a fan as I enjoy dynamism and being kept on my toes - physically and mentally. As such during my youth, I was an avid indoor volleyball player, occasionally dabbling with badminton and bowling from time to time. Moving to Singapore, I actually stopped having any form of regular exercise - ironic as it sounds since this country values fitness quite a lot in it's people. Age took it's toll and my metabolism slowed down dramatically through the years. In this instance, I will not deny that age definitely matters. 5 wardrobe updates later and believe me when I say this wasn't driven by just the change in sartorial styles and seasons but more of upsizing, I found something I became fond of and had done regularly (plugging in the amazing team behind 7Cycle - such life savers!).

And I must say what a difference exercising made! Evenings were well-spent resting up, mornings were easier to deal with, I fit in my clothes much better - what's more I needed 4 wardrobe changes to downsize (wohoo!). Happiness would not be enough to describe how I felt. 

I'm slowly starting to learn the value of exercising regularly - not only just to look and feel good but more to make sure you think of your health, especially as you age. Recently got sick which forced me to stop exercising and I could really tell the difference with how I felt when I was exercising vs. when I wasn't. It just makes you reflect and look at things in a different perspective. After all we aren't immortals and time is not on our side on this one - as such we better make sure we find a way to stay young as we can. The fountain of youth is in our hands after all and it's what you do to achieve that health longevity which really matters. As they say it's better late than never.

OUTFIT 1: Dries Van Noten Shirt, Adidas by Stella McCartney Windbreaker, Celine Jeans, Saint Laurent Paris Sneakers.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Bobby Sangalang; STYLING: Aela Abalos