Valentino under the helm of creative directors Chiuri and Piccioli have cast a spell which has made the fashion world fall in love with the historic house. They have stayed true to it's founding father's vision of romance and emphasis on the woman whilst bringing it forward to accommodate the modern, brave girl that she is today. This collection is no different. In spite the unnecessary hype that is Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson reprising their Zoolander roles in what was deemed catwalk-off of the season; the collection in itself screamed volumes with pieces I'm sure fashion stalwarts such as Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad fame will favour.

We were graced with a strong opening, pieces that brought to life Op Art monochrome stripes on signature medieval fairytale shapes. Caped dresses and tunics were highlighted for me on top of the jumpers and skirts, which I must say are absolutely divine with a wearable sense to it. Of course it wouldn't be a Valentino show without the appearance of lace this time around building the story of romance through visions of native influence splashed with gorgeous shades of peach and red embellished with turquoise.

You also have your usual procession of gowns that fall away from the body - oh and those dragon motifs - absolutely stunning in evoking a sense of mystery, power, grace and strength that is exactly the modern woman we have today. It was a fairytale throughout the world, somewhat envisioning images of powerful women from east to west. Really, it's a beauty to behold. Dark romanticism at its best. A trend, I must say we need to keep an eye out for this coming season (dreaming of a shoot of dark romantic clothes contrasted with the beauty of white snow [insert squeal of delight here]).

VIDEO from Valentino