With Valentines Day now over and done with, you must be thinking whatever should I do with the gorgeous diamonds I've received to celebrate the occasion? Well - I'm assuming you ladies have been lucky enough to have been gifted by your men with the luscious baubles. If not - well maybe you're asking whatever else I can do with the diamonds I have lying around? Fortunately for you girls if neither is the case, mega diamond jeweller Hearts on Fire is around to save the day.

As the saying goes, diamonds are forever and certainly they are. Nowadays, these pretty little things come in all forms of colours, settings, shapes and sizes - making it fairly easy to mix and match them with whatever you've got in your wardrobe. Long gone are the days when a diamond has been relegated to being just an engagement ring. These days owning one is a symbol of status - providing an air of exclusivity and a veil of privilege. It's also not that difficult to ignore the allure of a woman - or anyone else for that matter frosted in diamonds.

I was recently exposed to the beauties with the absolutely stunning collection from Hearts on Fire and I must say it was difficult for me not to fall in love. The countless options I could think of to pair them with pieces from my own accessory collection was just too much to bear! These days it's really all about intelligent layering - mixing pieces that you have to create completely new looks, refreshing the old to look new; expressing your own individuality in how you wear them.

Hearts on Fire definitely boasts of an extensive collection to help you with just that. So what are you waiting for ladies? It's time to frost yourself and let your hearts be on fire everyday of your lives!