Fifty Shades of Sound

Valentine's day is fast coming up and the hype on the upcoming release of E.L. James' worldwide erotica blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey is in full swing. Yes I must admit that I am one who has once been bitten by the Christian Grey love bug (and yes if you must ask, I've read all three books). Why? I honestly don't know. The books are not literary masterpieces in themselves - dare I say I've spotted quite a bit of error in the copies I've read which has thrown me into a tizzy as I went along. That said, after thorough soul searching I chalk this up to the fantasy of it all - being swept away by a gorgeous of billionaire, swooning madly in love with a normal girl in spite of all his cray. It's the appeal of normality saving the day and whoever could not relate to that, right?!

Fifty Shades of Sound

Well anyhow, the movie is about to come out and I'm sure as the setting sun that it will turn out to be a worldwide mega-blockbuster. Given the flimsy story telling in the novel or lack thereof, I'm honestly uncertain what type of film this will be. But if there's anything we should celebrate out of it, it should be the movie soundtrack which is turning out to be a masterpiece in itself!

I have been obsessed with the soundtrack since December when they started teasing snippets and now that it has been released - I have to say it is a lust worthy album! Obsessed with the Beyonce songs (duh who wouldn't be?!) and the numbers sang by Ellie Goulding, Laura Welsh & Sia. Even the song by The Weeknd is something to take note of. Finally something from this series that's worth gushing over. I swear give it a listen! As for me, I think it's time I lock myself up in my "red room of pain" and drown my sorry single ass in this heart pounding soundtrack!

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