Denim is a staple any wardrobe should have. It's a flexible piece of fashion that can easily go from day to night - literally creating tens if not hundreds of looks paired with varied sartorial pieces. There's a notion that denim is such a common material as such investing in pieces made out of denim should be a low-level priority.  Au contraire, I actually think denim is something that one should invest in. Fit and quality of material is something you should think about when purchasing anything made of denim. Good quality denim will ensure longevity in your wardrobe; over and above that a good fitting denim article gives you that sleek and posh look you need to elevate a look.

This Spring-Summer 2015, denim is making a strong statement. Runways were awash with pieces made from this versatile material with Chloé, Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton leading the foray with awe-inspirin pieces. As such, I'm here to share items I would recommend every fashionista should have in their wardrobes - and even invest in! Most of these are for layering such as coats and jackets - versatile enough for any weather - as well as bottoms that would bring you just about anywhere. Rest assured, these pieces will transcend seasons ensuring a wardrobe that will be the envy of people. These choice selections are sure fire hits for creating a multitude of looks (I myself have my beady shopping hungry eyes on a few of these pieces - so watch out on an upcoming editorial featuring denim of course!)