To those who know me well, it's not a hidden secret that pop culture is in my veins. One of the more recent examples of my pop culture mania would be my obsession for the recently released trailer for the movie: The Huntsman: Winters War.

I am obsessed because of the raw power its female characters exude - well you do have 3 talented actresses on the film. But enough about that, I won't go into too much detail about the movie, I'll let the trailer speak for itself. Rather, I want to focus on the song playing in the trailer. Man on a mission if you will, but I've been on a hunt like a huntsman for this song for the longest time and I finally found it!

It is by an artist named Halsey - a rising star if I can say so myself - with music reminiscent of the style of Ellie Goulding, Lorde or Tove Lo. Castle is one of her songs on her debut album Badlands, which contains a slew of electropop hits. Castle is one of my favorite songs on the record with it's slow yet heart thumping beats. It has a lot of grit and love the "Agnus Dei" break in the song, which gives it a bit more of an edge. I can understand why the movie used this song as a theme for it's trailer. It's plain simple yet evokes a raw feminine power.

I can absolutely see myself rocking to this song for a shoot or even mounting a shoot inspired by it. Imagine, beach (yes beach!) on the edge of sunset, against a back drop of towering waves. Clothes either in powerful suits with strong silhouettes and impeccable tailoring. Black and white. With just a spot of deep rich colors via accessories - either a deep dark red floral brooch, a rich magenta scarf flying in the wind. OMG. Orgasmic. Absolute love!

Anthony AbalosMusic