Prints and patterns. - a terrifying combination of words for most people dare I say, something that can cause nightmares specially when done horribly wrong. A lot of people are afraid to wear prints - myself included - as understandably it can be a daunting task. Well, that was then. And this is now.

Through the years I didn't notice but I started accumulating a lot (as in A LOT!) of printed tops. Initially I started buying them as statement pieces which would work perfectly if paired with jeans or plain trousers, layered with blazers, coats or vests. But then as the years passed, my affinity to prints - florals being my latest go to - grew exponentially. And slowly but surely I became slightly more adventurous in my sartorial choices when it came to devouring and pairing prints in my wardrobe.

Pattern mixing is an art in itself. Fret not though, there are a few tips I can impart which would hopefully help navigate through this complex art.


  1. (Pair neutrals with colorful prints)
  2. (Mix prints with tailored, flowy or textured pieces. Textured pieces are prints too after all!)

OUTFIT 1: Prada Top and Eyewear, Dries Van Noten Pants, Marni Sandals, Hermes Bangle.

OUTFIT 2: Louis Vuitton Shirt, Isabel Marant Shorts, Topman Hat, Hermes Sandals, Gucci Bamboo Backpack.

OUTFIT 3: Gucci Shirt, Bamboo Backpack, Horsebit Loafers, Calvin Klein Culottes, Hermes Bangle.

OUTFIT 4: Prada Top and Eyewear, Isabel Marant for H&M Pants, Hermes Sandals, Gucci Bag.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Bobby Sangalang; STYLING: Aela Abalos