Genderless fashion became a highlight in the recently concluded Fall-Winter 2015 runway collections - more so in Milan and Paris. Powerhouses such as Gucci and Saint Laurent Paris led the foray, showcasing piece after piece of gender bending fashion.

As such, you can imagine the exhilaration I felt, seeing this trend come to rise. It's a little known fact (yes I'm being sarcastic) that I dress quite uniquely - far from your traditional menswear blogger. Looking at my wardrobe (and styling choices), you'd see a good mix of menswear and ready-to-wear pieces that I match and style however I like to. Over and above the shows, fashion progress seemed to have come to fruition when I heard that retailers such as Selfridges have realised the potential behind this and have led the pack by having AGENDER selections in stores. Moreover they have done a campaign with famed photographer Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist to bring this to life and create major buzz around it.

To say the least, the hype is alive and well of late. But of course no worthy cause - even one as altruistic as eliminating the erstwhile divisive lines of gender - will have a barrier free ride. Look at feminism. It in itself still has serious inroads to trek through.

Now in the case of AGENDER fashion, just the other day I was honoured to be featured on the Instagram page of OOTD MEN - wearing one of my agender ensembles. You can imagine the sheer amount of happiness I felt only to be brought down by detractors who would demean simply because OOTD had the audacity to feature men's fashion out of the ordinary. I won't lie - the comments hurt like hell and it affected me more than I thought it would. Brought back memories of discrimination from my youth. It took a slew of my closest friends and family to perk me up and make me realise how inconsequential the comments were vs. the fact that I got featured. That was what was positive. That was what was big news.

Fact of the matter is, I've chosen to open up myself to the pubic - this blog is a testament to that - and being in the public eye exposes me to both positive and negative criticism. What matters is what one does with it and how one would act towards it. At the end of the day I've chosen to do this because I wanted to voice my opinions out and express myself through the medium of fashion. And for as long as I'm not hurting or stepping on someone's toes, then its my prerogative to do what I want and how I want to do it. If it inspires open-minded people along the way, well and good. To hell with the detractors and their belittling views. Unbiased humanitarian progress will come someday and I'm more than happy to contribute to it and initiate one aspect of it with the hope of global acceptance of people - regardless of color, gender, race and age. After all, that is all that matters.

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Bobby Sangalang; STYLING: Aela Abalos