Singapore Fashion Week has officially kicked off and today I got to spend the day being inspired by one of the most powerful and influential woman in fashion - Diane Von Furstenberg. The day kicked off with Fashion Talks - a series of hour long conversations with varied fashion moguls and today just happened to be with Diane and Steven Kolb. They spoke of their experiences in the fashion world and creation of the DVF brand as well as that of CFDA.

Diane is every bit as upfront, down to earth and surprisingly humorous as she has been portrayed in the media. I specifically enjoyed hearing about how she began her business, travelling from Europe to America. Gaining fame for her designs made out of jersey - a signature DVF staple. A few years later, the jersey dress was born and the rest they say is history. Beyond that I was surprised to learn that she actually sold off her company some time back to return to Europe and start her own publishing business; only to find that her heart was in fashion and as her brand deteriorated at that point in time, she began the strenuous task of taking back control and rebuilding the mega-empire that she has today. It was interesting to hear her story in such a cut throat industry - further more an industry that is saturated with a multitude of talents all wanting to have their voice heard in one way or another. Quoting DVF, an estimated 25% of the world's population is involved in the fashion business and if you think of the enormity of that number that's a lot of people to compete with with only a select few getting the chance to make it in the business. At the end of the day hard work & passion on top of a unique own-able voice are core to making it in this business and ultimately this is the message that she shares with anyone who wishes to succeed not only in fashion but in life.

Later that evening, I had the pleasure of being invited to view her Fall-Winter 2015 collection which she showcased in New York earlier this year. The venue was packed as expected and at one point it felt like a marketplace - but cum show time all that didn't matter as a multitude of seductresses sashayed down the sleek runway to the beat of a Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack. The clothes were sexy, sophisticated and all so glamorous, evoking a duality of sorts - classy yet sultry bringing to the forefront a modern day woman's life. Business & party life ready, no matter the occasion. I fell in love with the structured blazers on top of the frilly dresses (though the latter might not be apt for my own androgynous style). The DVF woman has never looked this exquisite if I can say so myself.

As the day ended, one thing's for sure - I fell in love with fashion all over again and gained a bigger appreciation of American design. Over and above that, today the experience wasn't just an idea for me - it became a reality. A reality I won't soon forget. Onwards to more fashion adventures!