30 DAYS of 30

Birthday celebrations are typically a non-event for me. Growing up, yes it was definitely something to celebrate and look forward to. But at a certain age - don't ask me when - the tradition became somewhat of a chore. Call me the birthday Grinch if you must but that was what it was for me. It felt like year on year it was just about going through the motions of another year compiling to a growing number that somehow was insignificant to life progressing. After all, age is just a number right?

On the occasion of my 30th birthday (yes 30th!) I've had a change of heart of sorts. With colleagues & university friends getting married left & right, it felt apropos to celebrate a momentous occasion myself! On a serious note - I thought it was something I needed to do. 30 years is a long time and I thought it was about time to catch up to all those years I've just let my birthday pass. And I thought - why not celebrate 30 with 30 days of personal festivities (you guys do the math on when my birthday exactly was). I was initially planning on kicking this off with a trip to New York - a city I am absolutely in love with - but as it is, I ended up going back to the Philippines. Well, initially driven by the fact that 2 of my dearest friends decided to get married a day after my birthday (we'll leave this for another post).

I have to say though - nostalgia was far from my mind yet it ended up the trip back to the Philippines did just that. A city staycation with la famille at Rockwell (a place I must admit I frequented a lot in my youth). Lunches & dinners with friends both old and new. A beach wedding to remember in Batangas - dare I say the funnest one I've ever been to. Somehow without me knowing, it was exactly what I needed and more.

A week and a half later, I was back home here in Singapore and the festivities pushed through.

A multitude of dinners & lunches with friends who I consider my Singapore family (a special mention to a new fave restaurant of mine Choosey Cafe. Asian Fusion cuisine that is to die for). A sprinkling of gifts or rather of Jo Malone (I have to say my friends here know me too well). A couple of nights out - including a posing masterclass which you'll find on my Instagram account LOL! A whirlwind of shoots for the blog (more on these soon). And voila - before I knew it, the 30 days are now up and done.

Did I enjoy my 30 days of 30? Hell yeah! Do I have any regrets not going to New York instead? Surprisingly no. Stepping through the sands of time (pardon the pun I just had to!) of the past 30 days, it was the perfect opportunity to just look back and be thankful for the 30 amazing years; moreover the delight of being able to spend those 30 days with people who have formed the 30 years of my life. Perfect does not even begin to cover what I felt (there were a few more people - you know who you are - I wish I could've spent it with but c'est la vie. There's always the next one!).

30 Days of 30 1.jpg

What's next say you? Well, it's the excitement of the next 30 and beyond! I can feel a new horizon about to unfold. Maybe that was why circumstance forced me to begin celebrations back in the Philippines and continue it here in Singapore. It was the perfect opportunity to just be - based on who you've been and are. It was the perfect time to look back so you can be ready for the future and more. And I must say, I absolutely cannot wait to see what comes next. Watch out world! I'm coming for you.