Words (PART 1)

Words is a 2-part dialogue between 2 people freely expressing what they think & feel and talking about the implications of what has been said and done.

All rights reserved. Aela Abalos ©.

Words - Part 1

My words

Have weight

Have depth

Have meaning.

Carelessly said

They are not.

My words

Bear my




Words I share

are a part of me

I gift to you.

Words I share

are always true.

Even though I know

You don’t see things like I do.

But knowing is different from seeing;

with knowledge comes a sense of safety.

Seeing with absolute certainty what you

already know differs.

It scars you.

Breaks you.

And seeing my words

Thrown to rot like filth

Damages the mind

Breaks the heart

Corrupts the soul

Breaks you whole.

Despite that I carry on

Hoping my words

may ring truth some day

Before I drown

In my own words.