Dreamers is a form of lyric poetry, written as a dreamer’s response (or even a monologue) to help explain the machinations of a person with grandeur visions. It’s a glimpse of the cyclical nature of highs and lows one experiences with any dream or vision once faced with the restrictions of reality. There is a tinge of irony in it all that dreamers always face. And at the end of each cycle, a question is posed - do you continue to dream?

All rights reserved. Aela Abalos ©.


Often times I wonder

Why can’t I just enjoy the moment?

Why can’t I just be present?

Why do I need to dream of the future?

Why am I a dreamer?

For dreamers are tortured souls

And to this truth, I can attest.

The irony of it all, is we dream

Of beautiful visions

Filled with light

With Hope

With Love.

Yet we live with so much pain.

Because to envision utopia

means seeing it but almost always,

never reaching it.

In that is the torture.

We fill ourselves with too much




But we reach a certain point

where as dreamers, reality stares us back in the face

and it is nowhere near what we have envisioned.

Reality forces us to see

the darkness in the light

the desolation in hope

the pain in love.

Respite becomes fleeting

for us dreamers.

For that sense of satiation

is just…

Never enough.

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