My Fashion & Style Philosophy

The world of fashion blogging has become nebulous and saturated in the last decade or so. Having attempted it myself - eons ago - it was and is a constant machine that needs to be fed. It is a time & resource consuming job; requiring willpower and determination to become someone. Survival of the fittest fashion blogger so to say and I salute those that have made it.

The interesting thing though about the whole experience is how it has influenced my life - more than me influencing others - in ways that I did not anticipate. Both for the good and bad. As with a lot of bloggers - whether you’re a mega, micro or everything in between - the effects are pretty much similar and well-documented. The question is, how do you maintain your footing? How do you move forward? How do you evolve?

Before anything else, I want to highlight that this is not an editorial on the pros and cons of blogging. That may be a piece for another day. Besides, I’m sure there are a lot of other write-ups on the effects of blogging - so I will leave it at that. This though is an article about my fashion & style story and how I have moved forward and evolved my own style philosophy and take on fashion.


Whether you admit it or not, the clothes you wear is a reflection of who you are as a person - your values, beliefs, interests, etc. With self-introspection, I realized that I have always considered fashion as an art form. A means of expressing my own self-identity; extremely useful for the severe introvert that I am. Fashion has allowed me to show people, the world rather, glimpses of who I was and am as a person.

My first foray into it was pretty bland. Potentially because of my upbringing and first corporate environment where my sense of it was as basic as it got. Though spots of the “fashionista” in me were beginning to emerge - a beret here; layering a sweater or vest there - you can say I was still very much testing my appetite for things within the safe confinements of “socially-acceptable” style.

Enter then my formative fashion years - and I must say, I had a lot of fun. People typically had experimental phases in their lives related with booze and partying - well, for me that was with fashion. My blogging years were devoted to pushing boundaries and to a certain extent advocating what some would call “ugly fashion.” There was a certain je ne sais quoi to the madness of it all. A certain thrill & allure because it was a unique way of thinking - exploring different silhouettes, playing with a myriad of patterns and prints, mixing an array of colors - beyond the bourgeois & traditional sense of what was considered fashionable & beautiful. Layering became a key motif in my style dictionary - be it with the clothes I wore or the brands I advocated for. It was an amazing part of my life - one I will always look back fondly even years from now.


And so we land with where I am today. Style - as defined by those within the industry - is an expression that lasts through seasons. Style is linked to cultural movements and certain social markers or symbols. With this in mind, I have realized that my style philosophy is constant and has stayed true to who I am.

How would I define it? In two words - offbeat chic. My style has always captured the layers of my persona (ergo the layering) and emphasized on unique aspects of my life be it via unconventional silhouettes or pops of print & color. It is about projecting strong ideas, but still driven by my real life.


What has evolved though is my perception & relationship with fashion. Fashion after all is defined as a “popular aesthetic expression in a certain time and context.” As such, the need to change & evolve will always be there. Besides, I’m an Aquarian - meant to break fashion rules and set trends.

Though the way I project my style remains constant, my fashion philosophy will continue to evolve. I think this is because my style is heavily guided by select-few designers that align with my reality; while my fashion philosophy evolves with brands reflective of the time. For now, I’ll leave it at that. It’s a good note to end as I think it will make you guys ponder on your own fashion & style choices as well. Yes, I know - I left you with a bit of a cliffhanger there but hopefully it will be enough to whet your appetites for what’s in store for my next article.

I do have some parting words - especially for those who have been following my journey - no, I am not going back into fashion blogging. Sorry to disappoint. I will - however - be writing articles and editorials about the world of fashion & style here on my platform. Specifically on things that align with my interests. It will be personal. It will be my own thoughts & opinions - so if you’re interested in seeing and hearing my perspective on things, then I welcome you dear reader. Join me in my new journey!

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