Ms. Dion has reinvented herself. And this video she's done with Vogue - featuring some of the best looks from the recently concluded Haute Couture shows - speaks for itself. REINVENTION at it's finest. Going BEYOND. It gives me chills just watching this video - it speaks to my innermost self.

The challenge I guess is how to harness this fire, like Ms. Dion has.

Time will tell. Bur for now, I remain inspired.

VIDEO from Vogue


Change is inevitable - as with everything in life. You may have noticed my blog has changed quite a lot in the past and I usually do so when I feel like things need to evolve. And I've done so countless number of times as I continue on this journey called life. things have been crazy to say the least - life wise. a lot has been happening the past year and i owed it to myself to be true and take time for me. at times - i must admit - it feels easy to take time. to just trudge along.

but i know the time has come again for another evolution...a reinvention of sorts. a rebirth. and the day will come when i take that leap of faith. but I think the time i'm taking is necessary to lead me closer to my true self. for the mean time, you can still follow my journey via my instagram: @aelaabalos

thank you for your patience with me and for being with me in this journey.

a reinvention...rebirth will come in due time.

<3 Aela